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We are indie game development studio making funny games
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SPEEDPUNK Platform: Steam Genre: Racing, Futuristic
BALLHOCKEY LEGEND Platform: Google Play Genre: Sport
INMAZE Platform: Steam, Google Play Genre: Adventure, Story, Horror
SEEKER FEVER: HIDDEN OBJECTS Platform: Google Play Genre: Puzzle, Hidden objects
OUTCASTED: SURVIVAL GAME Platform: Google Play Genre: Survival, Casual
Actual project is called Poject Z. It is an action zombie RPG with rich story and stealth mechanics. Project is in early development. Here is our devlogs playlist:
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ABOUT US Appvator Interactive is an indie game development studio, based in Czech Republic. We are making various genres of games. We have already made lot of funny games. Play and have fun!

My name is Vít Vohralík. I am student and I like making games, so I run my own game development studio called Appvator Interactive.

I have already made many games. Games are available on Steam and Google Play. In past I've been making games for mobiles, but now my priority is making games for PC.
CAREERS Do you want to be part of Appvator Interactive? Feel free to contact us.