Outcasted: survival game


Outcasted is free to play survival/horror game. You spawned far away of home and your goal is survive and escape on the unknown place, but it is harder thank you think. You will be on the edge of life all the time. You must get usefull things in day and in the night you will fight with monsters. In day you must find as many chest as it is possible and get most usefull loot. You can loot medkits, tools, food and much more. After looting your goal is make a escape plan and escape! You can travel and unlock new locations. You will be able to craft many tools like a sword, shelter, weapon and armor or smelt some things. In night you will fight with monsters and other enemies in simple 1v1 fight. Also you can hunt pigs to obtain food. Night is very dangerous!

- Survive on unknown place
- Escape from unknown place
- Craft many items like armor, shelter, weapon and other tools.
- Fight for life every night and every day
- Loot food and other usefull items
- Fight with monsters and enemies in 1v1 fight
- Horror atmosphere
- Unique monsters

Feel the horror atmosphere, survive and escape!


Your goal is escape. There is 3 ways how to escape, but if you don't playing easy mod you need to make required item before escaping. You must controll hitpoits and hunger

Phase 1: Looting
At the start of looting phase you have got choice how many times you want to try get new things. You choose number in range 1-3. Every time you have got 50% for finding chest and 50% for losing hitpoints. In chest you can get: paddle, nail, compass, nothing usefull, radio, planks, food, map, medkit and hammer.

Phase 2: Day
In day you can do many things. Firstly start building healing station. Every day you can work on healing station 1x and you will finish healing station in 3-4 days. You see hunger here. If your hunger is too high you start loosing hitpoits. You see hitpoints here and you can heal and eat during day phase. If you have got hammer you can make some upgrades. If you have got compass you can travel. There are 4 locations(forest, desert, mountains, mine). Discover new location will cost you 1 compass. On already discovered location you can travel for free. In every location you can harvest something one time per day. There is what can you harvest in each location:

Forest: wood, dirt
Desert: sand, cactus
Mountains: stone
Mine: gold, diamond, iron

If you don't playing easy mod you need some item for win. You can craft jewel and sword in crafting table and you can smelt brick and glass in furnace. 2x wood = crafting table and 2x stone or 1x iron = furnace. If you have got planks, nails, paddle and crafted item you can escape by sail. If you found radio you need to craft required item before help incame.

Phase 3: Night
At the start you get shield. You can get shield lvl 1-4. Night start at 11 p.m. and ends at 3 a.m. Every hour you have 50% for fight and 50% for nothing. There are three enemies: marowut(green beast), raider(ppeople with sword) and killer(people with knife). Be carefull, killer deal 2 damage and other delas only 1 damage. At 3. p.m. night ends and you can sleep :-D . During night you can meet survivor. If you have got respect and map you can escape, but if you haven't, you will fight with him. If you lose you are death, if you win you get respect. If you kill anyone you get 1x gut. With 2x guts you can heal yourself in healing staion.