Seeker fever: hidden objects


In seeker fever you will became seeker. It is puzzle solving adventure game. This game is completly free to play. Your role is find all hidden objects in multiple levels.

Find all objects in the map to unlock more cool stages and levels. In this free to play game is hand drawn and isometric levels. Every level has map with many stages. Play in big map. Every map is hard to complete. Will you be good mystery detective in this cool game? Try it now!

Seeker fever is suitable for all generations of users who enjoy playing "mystery hidden objects" and "find items games". It is also suitable for kids.

Feel the mystery atmosphere and join to searching fever! Became the best seeker in the world! Searching is funniest than you think!

- Cool and mystery atmosphere
- Many maps, levels and stages
- Free to play
- Searching hidden objects in multiple stages
- Objects is hidden everywhere

Can you "find it" all? Download this cool game and start searching fever , It is free to play.